Hobs and Silvers On The Kooks [Review]

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Yes. That’s The Kooks in the title and yes, we were lucky enough to score VIP tickets to the 5GumExperience held by 5 Gum SA on Saturday. A night which left our livers quivering in a bathtub and left us riding high on the memories of a fantastic experience. It also left us with tons of pictures that we can’t remember taking, the newfound knowledge that all brutal fruits taste the same and an important life rule that we’re now swearing by: Don’t Instagram under the Influence. “Silvers here: Yes Hobs, I made the mistake of committing an IUI while inebriated, making one friend look like he had been punched in the face and I had been rolling – my face – in the dirt. I have learnt my lesson… Maybe.”

We arrived at Maitland Primary school and there was tons of safe parking available. After a very quick queue on what one can call a brisk (we can say cold Silvers, it was cold) Cape Town night, we were on a bus and driven 5 minutes to the secret location. Speculation was rife! Was it town? Was there a bridge involved? WERE THEY FLYING US TO LONDON? A lot of people were convinced it was the harbour when they saw the Transnet sign. The sign didn’t give away too much, but it did kill the short-lived dream that we were getting on a plane to see the Kooks in London. We turned a corner, got out the bus, and followed the hipster-heavy crowd to find ourselves at the entrance to Salt River Studios. A massive warehouse that was packed with people, covered in 5 Gum signage and was already pumping out some incredible music.

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The line-up for the night was rocking and we were treated to the awesome sounds of Beach Party, Haasbroek, The December Streets and finally The Kooks who came onto the stage after 11pm. Kennedy then closed out the party until 2am.

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The Kooks were pretty much amazing and we had incredible sound.The crowd went a little (read a lot) befok when the 3rd song, “Do You Want To See The World” came on. The rest flew by with “She Moves In Her Own Way” and “Seaside” causing a massive sing-along. The Kooks who owned the night, the stage and our hearts closed their set with ‘Naive’. And even though we had VIP tickets and the VIP experience was pretty sweet (shorter bar queues), we ended up watching the Kooks with the crowd in the cheap seats. Because more often than not, it’s not about where you’re partying, but about who’s partying with you. “Silvers back again… Well from the one picture I have, it looks like the 6 of us have no clue who each other are but chirps aside, I agree”

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What a night! There was an incredible vibe in the crowd. There was off-key singing, crazy dancing, alcohol, chip castles and tons and tons of happy people. Massive thanks to the organisers and of course 5 Gum. We love you 5 Gum and we’re telling everyone that they must buy out all your stock, so that these events can continue. Because buying a pack of 5 Gum a day, means the indie bands are here to stay.

PS Hobs has to say a massive thanks to Silvers for documenting the night. Because she clean forgot due to Kooks-induced euphoria. “Silvers here, this is the last time, I promise. I also forgot to tell you to take your contacts out. At least you remembered that”

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