Highest recorded November rainfall in 52 years


The weather has been fairly odd in Cape Town this month with what seems to be a sneaky cameo appearance from good old Mr.Winter. There have been in the region of 86 recorded car crashes since Friday over a ridiculously wet weekend and start to the work week. The crazy winter style rain has had disaster management and emergency staff on their toes and in need of a chamomile bath or two with all of the accidents and around 150 Khayelitsha residents directly affected by the heavy rain and Sea Point, Constantia, Belleville and Mananberg residents left without electricity because of the stormy weather.

The Cape Town International Airport weather equipment has recorded 55 mm of rain for November thus far, with this number steadily rising as I type away and it pours outside. This has been the most rain recorded at the airport for the month since November 1957, 52 years ago. It doesn’t look things are going to be drying up anytime sooner either, judging by our weather widget on the right hand side of the MyCityByNight main page it seems that we can look forward to a wet couple of days with another cold front on its way to the city.


Peter Johnstone, a climate change expert with the Climate Systems Analysis Group at UCT, said that the weekend’s wet and wild action was caused by a “low pressure system over the south-western Cape which had been blocked by a high pressure system coming from the Indian Ocean.” Instead of this moving over as quickly as normal for this time of year, the low pressure system was blocked by the Indian high pressure system. He also said that although difficult to predict how much rain was still to come for the year during summer but he could definitely say that when the rain did arrive it would be intensive.

So please drive safely and take it easy out there guys and girls, if YOU aren’t around who would read our blog???  🙂

Pics courtesy of News24

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