High Army Vet Steals Tank & Leads Police On A Chase Through Virginia

We want whatever this guy took

A stolen armored personnel carrier drives through Richmond, Va., on Tuesday.

Another day and yet another incident where a member of the public has decided to re-enact a mission from GTA. Lieutenant Joshua Philip Yabut decided to steal a tank from his Virginia military base and lead cops on a two hour 40 kilometre chase across town.

Apparently the guy, ZENCash cryptocurrency Lead Developer, got super high and then just decided to jump in the tank and drive through the town while tweeting a number of really bizarre things from his Twitter account during the whole ordeal like:

where is this damn water buffalo


all i wanna do is get an anime wife

Here’s some footage of the chase and a news report about the whole thing:

The chase ended when he drove into a blocked off an area in Capitol Square, Richmond, where he jumped onto the top of his tank, dropping to his knees and then being tasered by police. He’s currently being held by police but can be pretty thankful they trigger happy Murica police didn’t shoot him.


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