Here’s A Video Tour Of A Drug Dealer’s Mansion

Here's A Video Tour Of A Drug Dealer’s Mansion


Every wondered what it’s like to live in a massive mansion after you’ve made millions from selling drugs like El Chapo? Well thanks to these two dudes that broke into a drug dealer’s abandoned mansion in the middle of a dense forest, we now have a little bit more insight into what it’s like to be Scarface. The mansion has its own indoor waterfall, marijuana growing area and a massive hot tub, sauna and bar.

Apparently the drug dealer that owned the house decided to vacate it and move out, presumably because he was getting too much heat from the cops, but the weed growing operation was set back up unbeknownst to him by two dodgy estate agents who were involved with selling dank. They used faulty wiring to run the grow operation, which started a fire that led to the arrest of the two guys and the abandonment of the mansion.

And they say crime doesn’t pay:

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