Here’s The New Trailer For Westworld S2, Which Dropped During The Superbowl

Our favourite make-believe world is back - check out the trailer for Westworld S2 here

Westworld quickly became one of our favourite series to watch, but we were all left hanging at the end of season one with the news that we were going to have to wait just under 2 years before getting to see the second season.

During the Superbowl earlier this week, HBO decided to fork out the cash for a spot in “the bowl” to tease the release of the second season of Westworld, which is due for release on April 22nd. From the trailer it seems like the robots are rising up against their human masters and starting a revolution (following on from the season 1 finale).

Check it out:

Oooh – now that looks like it’s going to be JUST as good as S1. Now we wait!

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