Here’s the first iPhone 8 drop test – *tears*

Here's the first iPhone 8 drop test - *tears*

Since Steve Jobs and his hey day it’s a pretty well known fact that Apple hasn’t exactly been great in terms of its durability scores, with basically every single product they produced being ridiculously easy to break and unbelievably expensive to replace again and from the first ever iPhone 8 drop test, it seems like nothing much has changed.

The iPhone 8 is equipped with a glass back cover in order to allow for wireless charging and supposedly has the durable glass ever placed in a smartphone and the peeps from the PhoneBuff Youtube channel pitted it up against the new Samsung to find out whether this was true:

Ok so neither of them really did very well, but even if you pay for AppleCare, screen damage won’t be covered in the $29 screen replacement but will instead come out of the ‘other damage’ fee of $99. Shoowee, not exactly value for money there.

Still, that’s probably not going to stop any of you from running out to the shops to go and grab your new Apple device right?

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