Here’s The Conor McGregor Vs Nate Diaz UFC Fight In Claymation

In a fairly hilarious take on the recent UFC202 headline bout, we get to see the action recreated in Claymation glory

UFC 202 Claymation

The UFC202 headline fight between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz last weekend was a pretty good one that ended with The Notorious taking the win on a decision (even though we would have loved it if someone got KO’d). Since then some bloke on decided to make a special claymation version of the fight that broke down what happened in high definition clay. He gets the two characters pretty bang on and what’s most amazing is how quickly this video was put together (Nate has blood all over his face and gets defeated by Conor’s deadly leg kicks, which means the claymation could only have been done after the fight).

It’s pretty entertaining, but leaves me wondering what ever happened to MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch? Is that still flighting somewhere?


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