Here’s The Spellbinding Extended Trailer For BBC Earth’s Planet Earth II

Here's The Spellbinding Extended Trailer For BBC Earth's Planet Earth II


We’ve all heard that the legendary Sir David Attenborough is returning as the narrator for the second series of BBC Earth’s spellbinding Planet Earth, a whole ten years after the first series was aired. I heard a stat that the first series of Planet Earth, which eventually made it to DVD was at one stage the title owned by most homes around the globe (it was that good).

Until now we’ve had to be happy with a tiny tidbit of what the show was going to be like, but now there’s a brand new reason to drool. The full trailer has just been released and it looks absolutely spectacular, once again using some really insane filming techniques to catch the animals in their natural habitat, behaving like we’ve never seen before.

Be sure that there are going are going to be plenty of epic battles and some extremely rare animals captured in the brand new series of Planet Earth. Check out the full official trailer below:

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