Here’s The Moment Kambuka The Gorilla Escaped From The London Zoo

Here's The Moment Kambuka The Gorilla Escaped From The London Zoo


On Friday last week the World was on tenterhooks after a male gorilla named Kambuka escaped his enclosure at London Zoo, going on the run in the city. We were all wondering if we were in for yet another Harambe situation where the poor animal would be killed for just being a normal gorilla wanting to be free.

Thankfully after around 90 minutes of being on the loose in London town, armed police and zoo-keepers eventually managed to catch him and shoot him with a tranquiliser dart before transporting Kambuka back to London Zoo.

In the footage below you can see the final few moments before Kambuka’s escape, where you see him smash his body weight against the glass enclosure before finally escaping.

I really think that we should do away with zoos altogether – these animals don’t want to be stuck in enclosures and should just be allowed to be free in the wild instead of sitting around for our pleasure.

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