Here’s The Moment A Dog Gets To Taste Freedom For The First Time (Right In The Feels)

Here's The Moment A Dog Gets To Taste Freedom For The First Time (Right In The Feels)


Something that I’ll never understand is how people can be cruel to animals – I mean for the most part they can’t really fend for themselves and also have never done anything to deserve being mistreated by a human being of all things. This story is a real tear-jerker and will definitely hit you right in the feels.

A female dog named Liszka had spent a good few weeks locked in a cage, where she was forced to sleep in her own excrement without any food or water, which resulted in her developing contractures of the legs, making it difficult to stand or even walk. Thankfully OTOZ Animals over in Poland’s city of Gdynia were notified about her plight by an anonymous caller and managed to rescue her. Here’s what they wrote on their Facebook page after making the rescue:

She was lying and waiting for death. She was somewhere between scrap and waste.

That just makes me so angry – what type of person would do that to an innocent animal? Luckily she was taken to a nearby vet which gave her food and rehabilitated her to the point where she could walk again. Liszka later adopted and has a brand new loving home – you can see her first moments of freedom in the heartwarming footage below:

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