Here’s A Hilarious Compilation Of FIFA 17 Glitches

Here's A Hilarious Compilation Of FIFA 17 Glitches


Unfortunately, we haven’t quite got to the level of programming that allows us to have a perfect edition of FIFA and almost inevitably the game has its bugs. This is exactly what’s happened with FIFA 17 as we can see by the hilarious fail compilation put together after a couple of days of proper game play.

It’s mostly dudes being sexual with each and some utterly hilarious glitches with the physical barrier part of the game that form the base for this fail video. I for one found it incredibly odd when¬†Ignacio Piatti was transformed into a black dude¬†for instance – it’s really odd that EA doesn’t fix these things before releasing the game (I mean they do have an entire year to work on it).

Check out the video below:

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