Here’s The First 5 Minutes Of “Ghost In The Shell”

Here's The First 5 Minutes Of "Ghost In The Shell"

Ghost In The Shell is widely considered to be the best Manga movie ever to have been released and as is the case with most of the Hollywood blockbusters these days, it forms the base for a brand new reboot of the movie. Naturally, everyone has been slightly sceptical when it comes to just how good the movie would be, considering that most adaptations of old Japanese manga turn out as really shoddy versions of the originals. The filmmakers picked up on the tension and decided that they’d release the first 5 minutes of the movie, in a bid to convince everyone to go see it when it comes out later this week.

The 5 minute intro clip sees Major spying on a meeting about cyber enhancement, with things descending into full blown anarchy, sooner than expected. Overall, the action seems like it’s a good indicator of the movie’s quality, but we won’t know whether the rest of the film lives up to the hype until its release. I did like the very Tron-esque electronic music in the background and am hoping the rest of the score is just as fitting.

Check out the trailer/5 minute sneak-peek below:

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