Here’s everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile’s Season 11 launch on the 10th of January

We have gotten confirmation that PUBG Mobile will be launching Season 11 tomorrow on the 10th of January. 2019 was an awesome year for the launch of PUBG Mobile in Africa. For those who have followed this epic move by PUBG Mobile & Tencent, will know they’re only going from strength to strength with the number of daily users on the rise, the African servers being pushed live in the last quarter of 2019 & also seeing PUBG Mobile Africa’s first in-game item being launched.

With the launch of Season 11, we got the inside scoop of what’s to expect after watching a leaked video by Mr Ghost Gaming with some previews of the items you’ll be able to get from tomorrow onward. One of the most exciting things about this Season is the theme they’re running with – Introducing “Season 11 – Operation Tomorrow”. Anyone that knows MyCityByNight, knows we’re major fans of the Cyberpunk look and feel & PUBG Mobile have brought it through Season 11 with a few other and a few other additions you’ll see in the video. Expect new items like Snowmobiles in Vikendi, riot shields added to specific game modes in EVO, a new MVP emote where your character takes a selfie, a new game mode in EVO and much more…


Introducing Domination Mode: Domination mode will be available on a new map called Town. There are 3 areas in the stage and your team needs to take over and dominate 2 of the 3 stages, a little like capture the flag, but a lot more awesome.


With a new season comes new skins, outfits, items, you name it. Rank up and receive insane rewards in Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Conquerer including new outfits, matching face masks, a new MK14 Skin and a unique Season 11 parachute. We could probably go on for days and days about the changes but I think it’s best that we let you know go forth tomorrow and loot your way to conquerer level.

Enjoy the video below and see what you will be on offer in Season 11 – Operation Tomorrow.


To further that end, the company has newly partnered with Mettlestate, a premium esports authority, to release the Git Gud challenges. Here players are given the opportunity to complete daily challenges for a chance to win cash prizes every day, along with exclusive merch, and vouchers. The Git Gud challenges are open to all African PUBGM gamers and are available until 29 February 2020.

PUBG MOBILE LITE is available on Android devices.

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