Here’s A Supercut of The Highest People Ever Seen On Live TV

Here's A Supercut of The Highest People Ever Seen On Live TV

There really isn’t anything quite as funny as someone stoned off their bracket while on live tv – it really seems like there entire existence is one pained with so much stress and misunderstanding about what is currently going on. There are times when you can literally see the pain in their eyes (although, that might just be because their eyes are extremely bloodshot from too many bongs).

Not being alone in our appreciation of the sheer hilarity involved with people being ghoefed on live tv, someone has prepared an absolutely hilarious supercut of some of the best live tv stoner moments from over the years (many of which have already been featured on this site).

Check it out:

I mean damn… I would definitely not gone anywhere near live tv if I ever got anywhere close to that state. What would my mother say? Hahahaha.

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