Hennessy Artistry soothes South Africa

At MyCityByNight we’re huge fans of dressing up and pretending to be a whole lot more stylish than we actually are… From time to time you could see us sitting back, sipping on a cultured drink like Hennessy Cognac while wearing a shirt and waist-coat like Mr Trousersnake (minus the bohemian looking hat & sexy dance moves). Luckily for us- the aforementioned cognac brand- has decided to provide somewhere suitable for us to lounge and look suave while also supplying all those who join us with 4 of South Africa’s top artists together on stage in the same night!!!

Thats right- Hennessy Artistry 2010 has officially launched with this year’s top homegrown collaborating artists comprising of Zamajobe, Liquideep, GoodLuck and Teargas… and guess what??? Being the ultra-cool and friendly type fellows that we are they’ve all agreed to have a chat to us so that you all can find out a little bit more about them- we’re also planning a nice little video interview with the massive Goodluck for the Youtube channel- which is cooking the hell out Africa views-wise- A HUGE THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!

Anyways back to the Hennessy Artistry tour:

Hennessy Cognac’s exclusive journey of music and mixability, an expression of the brand’s ‘Art of Blending’, is captured by the distinctive sounds of these artists in a brand new collaborative track called Blazing. Produced by DJs @ Work duo, Christos and Vinny da Vinci, Blazing will be performed live at the exclusive finale Halo event in Jozi on 11 September.

Dont worry though- the event is coming to Cape Town… and Durban too (this weekend the 21st). We’ll swing through all of the details as soon as we’ve got em!

Oh and ps- there’s a competition too: MyCityByNight is just finalising some details and hopefully we will be doing a ticket givaway but until then there’s the small matter of a trip for 6 days to the Big Apple New York…

All you have to do is purchase a limited edition bottle of Hennessy and SMS the URN code found on the pack or purchase Hennessy at any of the national events.

BOOOM!!!! More details and interviews to follow soon 🙂

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