Hennessy Artistry Cape Town| Review

Over the weekend I was invited to the Cape Town leg of the Hennessy Artistry South African tour. These events are synonymous with luxury, high end living and wearing your sunglasses indoors and Saturday night at the One&Only was no different.

The collection of artists under the Artistry brand is absolutely stellar, featuring names like Goodluck, Crazy White Boy, Flash Republic and Proverb just to name a few. The concept behind the tour and events is mixing and blending- hence the amalgamation of various artists on one line up in a way that would normally be considered MAD. Thankfully, they all blended rather well and it was really wicked to hear so much variation in music all in one night.

I totally enjoyed all of the acts as well as the slightly discounted Hennessy on offer to be consumed in a number of fancy drinks. The only problem that I had with the event was the set up of the bar along with the availability of booze to consume. The venue had around 350 people in it, with only ONE bar and FOUR bartenders. It was virtually impossible to get a drink in less than 30 minutes which was ridiculous. People got so angry that security had to be called to stop them from murdering the barmen. After getting totally fed up, I made missions to the main One & Only bar where I slammed a good couple of Vodkas (note vodkas- because I was that pissed off with the always sublime Hennessy). A large number of people left because of this fact and it really was something that could have been avoided with a little bit of thought and planning upfront. I mean it is an ALCOHOL EVENT for goodness sake… People need to have drinks in their hands at ALL TIMES.

Otherwise- it was a cracking night out. I got to see most of my favourite South African artists all in one night and really cant wait for my next opportunity to be fancy and sip on a tasty Hennessy and Ginger Ale.





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