Hendrick’s Gin presents Short & Sweet Joburg: Season 2


Are you a courtesan of culture, a trawler for truncated cinema? If you are then you’ll be happy to know Short & Sweet, South Africa’s original short film experience, in proud association with Hendrick’s Gin & Katy’s Palace Bar, is set to make the pilgrimage up the plateau for its long-awaited return to the highveld.

Dedicated to the exhibition of short film as a critical art form, Short & Sweet, will showcase a hand selected bouquet of short films, animations and music videos in the eclectic, interactive atmosphere of one of Jozi’s most enchanting venues. Katy’s Palace Bar is a veritable Versailles of opulence, art and winter comfort and Jozi’s second season of Short & Sweet will offer guests an evocative selection of short films, animations and music videos from around the globe, with an emphasis on supporting local talent. Following the screenings, Katy’s will remain open, supplying sophisticated potions and bespoke entertainment long into the night.

Running over 5 weeks, limited seating and bespoke spirits make for a very cultured way to enjoy the chilly winter months. Adorned with a fully stocked bar, a high definition projector, cold cocktails, live digital art to ease the burn of intermission, popcorn and impromptu performances, Short & Sweet provides the consummate cinematic experience. Expect a vibrant, socially-infused atmosphere in which interested and interesting folk share ideas, network and celebrate creativity…

To be kept in the loop, follow Hendrick’s Gin on www.facebook.com/hendricksginsouthafrica, @HendricksGinSA or Short & Sweet on www.facebook.com/ShortSweetJoburg

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