Help MyCityByNight #represent with adidas originals

We reckon we’re pretty decent at what we do here at MyCityByNight. In the fields of partying, trawling the interwebs for mildly interesting content and bringing you the latest music and event news- we really represent. Given that pretty much everything that we do revolves around making going out easier for you peeps, we’re not really left with that much time to pursue things that we’re rather passionate about, things like street culture.

We entered the adidas Originals #represent competition and their search for a new crew to represent South Africa. It is the final stage of the competition and If you like what we do here at MyCityByNight, we’d appreciate it immensely if you gave us some support by clicking this link and popping us a vote (click the Big Blue Heart next to our crew name).

If you think we suck and don’t want to vote for us we’ll totally make sure you never win anything cool. (only usbs for you). Um yeah, I suppose it doesn’t hurt to ask for some love back!


Vote for MyCityByNight to represent SA over HERE

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