Help find and save DJ InviZAble’s sonic chariot


DJ InviZAble‘s sonic chariot from Xi, Skorofitsie, has gone mysteriously missing in the Mother City without a trace.

Sources close to the intelligence department are still unclear as to the whereabouts of the Trike that was the independent sound system of the faceless phantom. Off the back end of a busy weekend with shows at Bazique and Village Idiot and a majestic live stream off the coastline of Cape Town with Esizayo, the DJ has gone into deep mourning.

In a transmission from the scene of the crime in Upper Orange Street, InviZAble made a statement saying that he now is beginning to understand human emotion through the sadness he has felt since Saturday night.

“I wish to be reunited with the Skorofiresie so that I can regain mobility and continue my quest for harmony on this planet”.

InviZAble is offering a reward to any information that could lead to the whereabouts of his sonic machine.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of InviZable irreplaceable Skorofitsie please make direct contact right here.


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