HELP Boombox Troopers to WIN R25000 from Paperjet Print!!

A mate of mine has asked me a favour – to help his mates win R25,000 in this competition they have entered themselves into. Why not, I thought! I had a look and they are killing it in first place at the moment. So lets be the helping and kind people we are over at MyCityByNight and help the guys out to make sure they get themselves R25,000… We are all going to vote them, cause we are cool like that. What’s even better, is that it only takes 3 seconds to do…

This is a message from the Boombox Troopers themself:

Boombox Troopers are currently in 1st place to win R25000 worth of printing from Paperjet Print!

The money will go towards the printing of our debut album titled “Life after Zef” and all the promotional needs surrounding the launch.

Please help us secure the victory of this competition by doing the following:

1: Click this link and join the Paperjet Print page: (click here)

2:Once you have joined the page click this next link which will take you to our photo we have entered for the competition: (click here)

3: Under the photo click “LIKE”



LOVE Boombox Troopers

Go on, DO IT! Vote for the Boombox Troopers…

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