Heineken Symphonic Rocks – Don’t Miss Out Jozi

Heineken Symphonic Rock, in a word, bravo, and maestro John Walton, we should all be bowing to you.

I tried writing this on Sunday, but due to the awesome and over excitement of the event, I may have had a tad too much to drink and Sunday was a long, painful right off. So here it is now, short, sweet and to the point.

My main reason for this post is to tell all of you in Jozi (because you still have a chance to book and see this), to get your bottoms to see Heineken Symphonic Rocks. It’s quality!
I had always heard about it and finally it was 3rd time lucky for me seeing it. Though, all it actually did was annoy me that I missed the other 2 years!

The talent line up was mind blowing and though I may honestly not have listened to a few of them generally and if i’m honest, had ever hear them before, I was in for a treat and had clearly been missing out!

SA, you have some mental talent and we should be super proud! Jokes aside, its was hard to pick out a single stand out performance, they were all, that good!
The artists included:

Ed Roland of Collective Soul
Toya Delazey
Mi Casa
Tumi and the Volume
Van Coke Kartel
Zolani Mahola of Freshly Ground
Ard Matthews
John Walton, Conductor for the Cape Town Pops Orchestra

I look forward to next years instalment and really hope that all of you that have umm’d and ahh’d about seeing it, go! To find out more click HERE.

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