Heineken Ad: Men With Talent!

I must take my hat off to the Heineken creative and advertising department. They sure as hell know how to reach their target market with the most appropriate message. This is their newest and in my opinion best ad to date, obviously the “walk in fridge” still wins prizes in my eye. The fact that its pretty much always a battle of the sexes when it comes to Heineken ads,  they have dived into this one no differently and once again it has been guys against girls and the guys are definitely the “winners” in this ad. Just take a look for yourself and see…

What do you think?

Awesome hey!!

Heineken have taken the “America’s got Talent” show and used it in a reality/game show format where male’s get to show of their best skills when it comes to BEER! I think in this instance we’ll call it BEER SPORTS What a winner! What an Ad!

I really, really… REALLY love this ad!

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  1. Haha! What a winner – they definitely do have a crack creative director at the moment!

  2. Imagine being part of their creative/advertising team, must be awesome just to sit in one of their brainstorming sessions! They are so good at creating amazing ads, one after the other!

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