Hed Kandi with Roger Goode Free with this Flyer

Hed Kandi’s has been putting in quite a bit of effort in order to capture their share of loyal party goers as we slowly start to tick on towards Summer in South Africa. Tonight September 9, 2011 sees the public launch featuring the likes of: 5FM firm favourite DJ – Roger Goode, international Hed Kandi Dj – Stephanie Jay and the memorable Nick Essentials.

Hed Kandi is all about first class entertainment in every way, and being one of the world’s trendiest clubbing brands it ensures excellently produced dance music. Jozi can expect an incredible clubbing experience, the kind of that Hed Kandi has become known for.

Print the flier and make sure you bring it with you to Arena Royale on Friday, September 9, 2011, and get in free!

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