Heavy Chef Sessions – Is Blogging Dead

At work earlier this week, I recieved an email with an invite to a monthly session by Heavy Chef – where they do talks revolving around topically issues in various industries and this months topic is, “Is Blogging Dead” with talks by infamous Cape Town blogger/online radio jockey – Seth Rotherham (2OceansVibe) and Rich Mulholland ( Missing Link). I am more than excited to be heading through to this to hear what they have to say as I personally think blogging is not dead – infact right now it is on the verge on becoming a big part of peoples lives here in South Africa. Unfortunately it is already fully booked out as there is only space for 120 people.

Title: Is Blogging Dead?


– Rich Mulholland (Founder of Missing Link)

– Seth Rotherham (Founder of 2Oceansvibe)

Date: Thursday, 28th October 2010

Time: 6pm

Venue: Deloitte Office in Green Point, Cape Town

Fee: No charge to attend

Sponsors: Corona, Delheim, Deloitte, Channel Mobile

Questions about the event answered:

What? Managed by World Wide Creative, The Heavy Chef Sessions have become a popular monthly event for designers, programmers, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. Begun in Feb 2007, the sessions have been focused on building up knowledge around building profitable websites. Each month, The Heavy Chef Session revolves around a singular topic that makes up one part of the process of digital marketing strategy.

Where? The sessions take place in the United Kingdom and South Africa, usually near the World Wide Creative offices.

Who? The sessions are presented each month by a leader or leaders in a specific field. We aim to keep up the trend of brilliant speakers and are continually looking for more.

When? The sessions are usually held on the last Wednesday of each month, and last for 45 mins. Guests arrive at 5.15pm, the presentation starts at 5.30pm. After the talk, a little networking and some wine, the whole thing generally lasts around 90 mins.

How much? The sessions are free. Gratis. Mahala. No charge.

How many? This depends on the venue, but ususally seats are limited.

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