Hayibo shuts up shop

MyCityByNight is a huge fan of the satirical current affairs website Hayibo.com and the manner in which they have provided readers with the latest news in a way that us all chuckle while staying informed. Hence we were fairly sad when they announced that this Friday will be the last time they update the popular site, due to a lack of advertising.

Apparently the lack of advertising is due to most of “Corporate South Africa” being hesitant to link their brands to the somewhat controversial and very opinionated current affairs hub. In my lowly opinion that is pretty poor- freedom of speech in the press is a hot topic right now and it will be very sad to see one of the biggest proponents of it disappear from the interweb due a lack of funding.

Fans of the site are still encouraged to browse the online shop for branded clothing, otherwise these kids will be stuck with zillions of funny t-shirts and hoodies to give-away for x-mas and birthday pressies from now until 2035.

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  1. yoh! Stacky… now there’s an idea 🙂 although i’m pretty sure some good soul will get in there and keep Hayibo afloat!!!

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