Have You Seen The New Russian Trend That Involves Women Polishing Guns & Then Firing Them?!

Now here's a trend we can definitely get behind - GO RUSSIA!

There are often a whole bunch of fads that make it onto the internet, which involve people doing something arb in order to raise awareness about a particular issue (think Bucket Challenge). The latest in the series comes from Russia (of course it does), is called The Satisfaction Challenge and is something that we think many of you would be able to appreciate.

The ‘Satisfaction Challenge’ basically involves Russian mooiness polishing guns and then firing them. Now before everyone slams this trend as a misogynistic movement aimed at exploiting women, you need to know a little bit of background to the challenge.

Some Russian soldiers recently shot a video where they polished their guns whilst dancing around topless, which led to them being punished by the state for tarnishing the image of the Russian military. In an effort to show solidarity with them, people from across Russia started taking part in the ‘Satisfaction Challenge’.

I don’t think that it’s going to do much to change Putin’s mind about punishing the soldiers, but it does give us videos like the following to enjoy:

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