HappyPlayTime app for women by women


Apparently there are some women out there that have no idea how to pleasure themselves properly, which is why a female masturbation app by the name of HappyPlayTime is in development. The app will teach basics of female anatomy and also provide the user with lessons on self-stimulation techniques through a number of very informative and cutesy games (surely the market for this would be guys?).

Launched at the start of March this year, the main designer Tina Gong has been inundated with support for the experimental project. She had this to say:

“I am stunned to see all the support we’ve gotten… Though this initially started out as a tenuous experiment, I think it’s safe to say that I’m now working hard to make HappyPlayTime a reality.”

“Sexuality is one of the most basic instincts of human beings”.

“Unfortunately for many women, there has been a cultural stigma that blocks access to self-stimulation. HAPPYPLAYTIME is here to eliminate this barrier as much as possible. By talking openly and lightheartedly about female masturbation, we are taking the first step to becoming truly sexually liberated.”

So yeah… if you’ve got no clue and want to go and check it out let us know how it goes.


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