Happy Tuesday- wait what day is it again?

Good Morrow fine citizens of the MyCityByNight world!!!

Today I feel like I have the hugest hangover- and I didn’t even go out last night… It might have something to do with the fact that short weeks after long weekend’s often leave you feeling like you been in a drinking competition with a more than eager Alcoholics Anonymous relapser. Things could be worse though- you could be living in the Brazilian city of Rio, which has experienced some of the heaviest rains this century- triggering landslides and flooding that has left around 95 dead already- Bleakness!!!

rio-flood-firefighter-inj-001 guardian

On a lighter note- we’ve decided on the winners for our footy competition, which we ran last week.

Congratulations to “The Stackman” and “JahRasta” for your bone-ticklingly (poor choice of words) funny captions… You’ll be joining us this weekend for the final test game to be held at the magnificent Cape Town Stadium on Saturday!!! We’ll be in touch with you later today.

Much love, Ricky Bynight xx

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