Happy bud-day to Zootly, Cape Town’s first one-stop cannabis shop

Cape Town’s first all-encompassing cannabis shop is celebrating its first birthday and the launch of its stylish retail space in Woodstock. 

It all began a month after the South African Constitutional Court decriminalised cannabis for private use, on the very same day that Canadians smoked their first legal joints. Founders Derek Packard and Chris Landman decided to plant the seed of their canna-business, with a vision to be at the forefront of the cannabis health revolution in South Africa. 

 In the months since, Zootly has blossomed from just a brand to a fully-fledged business, with a retail store, online shop as well as an informative and educational cannabis blog.  Zootly has found its physical home in the trendy Mason’s Press precinct in Woodstock, Cape Town. In store you can find the full range of products catering to every level of 420 fan – from canna-curious to cannasseur. It’s a space to relax, to learn and to explore bespoke products designed and created just for the discerning dagga lover. 

“It’s about bringing really good quality to South Africa,” Chris says. 

What makes Zootly unique from the other cannabis stores popping up around Cape Town is that it’s the only place where you can find every aspect of the cannabis experience, from growing to smoking, edibles to medicinal CBD products. 

“It’s all-in-one,” Derek adds. “There’s no one else offering all these four aspects.” 

Here’s a closer look at Zootly’s four main areas of focus: 

Zootly Grow 

This is where you’ll find the best growing equipment on the market in South Africa, handpicked by Grow Guru Chris, along with all the advice and guidance you need to grow a bumper crop of your own. If you have no experience growing or suspect you have the exact opposite of green fingers, the Zootly Nest is pot-plant starter kit with every single thing you’ll need – including step by step instructions – to grow your own weed at home “That’s aimed at your first-time entry-level grower. The nest makes it super simple,” Chris says. “It’s actually really easy to grow good weed – you just need the right equipment.” If you’re ready to bump up your yield with some grow lights, Zootly has just imported international quality lights from California Lightworks. The premium grow tents are designed by Chris himself, from his expert growing experience. They’re built strong and sturdy, to withstand grow after grow in excellent condition. “This is a more high-quality tent than all the junk that’s on the market,” he says. “They’re the same price range, but thicker material and thicker poles.” For commercial growers, Zootly is the only local stockist of the best grow lights available on earth: the SolarSystem range from California Lightworks, which offers broad-spectrum light control, even remotely. “The big advantage of having spectrum control is you can control the way the plants grow,” Chris says. “You can control stretching and grow shorter stocky plants, which means your yield is better.” 

Zootly Smoke 

This is a haven for the stylish smoker. It offers beautifully designed high-quality smoking accessories such as grinders, decarboxylators and crisp tubes to keep your joints fresh and tastefully concealed if you’ll be carrying it with you outside of your home. Zootly Smoke also stocks bongs and a full range of high-end vaporisers, for a healthier smoke. 

Zootly Care 

Science is only just beginning to fully explore the medicinal benefits of cannabidiol, but what we know already is that it can be effective in treating pain, inflammation, anxiety and insomnia, among many other complaints. Zootly currently stocks premium medicinal CBD products from Cannas and Oil Science, ranging from drop to creams, gels and sprays. Watch out next month for the launch of Zootly’s bespoke CBD brand, which will introduce South Africa’s first flavoured full-spectrum CBD mouth spray. Full-spectrum CBD includes all the beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids of the cannabis plant, but without the high. 

Zootly Taste 

Who doesn’t love a chocolate brownie with a little extra love mixed in? Zootly’s edibles range stocks delicious CBD chocolates, CBD coffee and other tasty treats for the CBD connoisseur. If you’re partial to baking your own, try out the brownie mix and you can whip up delicious CBD brownies in your own kitchen. 

Zootly’s Hoot 

Catch up on all the latest local cannabis news and advice on the Zootly blog. The blog features news stories on hot cannabis developments in South Africa, as well as advice from legal experts on how to safely and legally enjoy cannabis, and advice from international experts on growing your own at home. 

Join Zootly on their journey to building the cannabis health industry in South Africa. If you enjoy your products and content, then you know what to do: puff and pass (and share on social media) 

Visit the website at zootly.co.za Instagram at @zootlysmoke, @zootlygrow and @zootlys_hoot Facebook at facebook.com/zootlysa

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