Hanwho’s ‘FOR YOU’ is MyCityByNight’s Song of the Day

Hanwho’s music emanates a deep sense of wonder, curiosity and upliftment. A flurry of synth business, funky bass lines and a progressive choral character pervades his work. He meanders through a diverse breed of musical categorizations fabricating a distinct and honest sound. With a humanistic and worldly approach, he yearns for something more connected and harmonious throughout it all. Born in eBayi (PE) but based in eKapa (CT).

Soul-fluff and self-love – FOR YOU.  

To solve someone is to understand them, to understand them is to love them and the world needs more of that. 

For You is an uplifting song of understanding and support speaking both to the ones who know you, the ones you love as well as the strangers in your life. In trying to solve someone else, we learn more about ourselves and self love is just as important.

The single combines subtle idioms of traditional African music with those of modern Western styles and is filled with afro centric bass lines, afro tech style percussion and gentle electronic textures.

For You is the first of a series of singles to be released building up to a debut EP release expected to drop in Autumn 2021.

Written, recorded and produced by Hanwho
Mixed by Eldon Quirk of Versed Sound
Mastered by Tutti Espi of Songololo
MusicArtwork by Brittany Hurrell

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