Halloween Was A Blast Until She Got Her Stuck In A Pumpkin

Halloween Was A Blast Until She Got Her Stuck In A Pumpkin


I’m hoping that all of you had tons of fun over the Halloween Weekend and that you got more treats than tricks while you were out having fun (let’s be honest, it’s only the kids who are going to be out trick or treating tonight). Pumpkin carving one of those Halloween traditions that has been around for just about as long as the one where strangers give you candy after you randomly knock on there door and more often than not a whole bunch of fun – provided you don’t end getting your head stuck in the pumpkin that is.


Rachel Packer Ralph somehow managed to get her stuck in a pumpkin, after wanting to see what the inside of the pumpkin looked like (rookie error). Luckily for us her mom was on hand to film the whole thing, making her daughter into an instant overnight internet celebrity. The best bit by far comes as she starts freaking out and screaming while stuck in the vegetable and her little brother just carries on singing the old pumpkin carving carol like nothing much out of the ordinary is going on… what a legend.

I wonder if she learnt her lesson?

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