H20 – The Final Wave


H20 returns to action this weekend with H20 The Final Wave and everyone from Jozi who’s been working hard all Winter on their guns will finally have the chance to show off biceps while getting down to some of the best electronic music the scene has to offer.

After 16 years of unparalleled magical dance floor moments, #TeamH2O is bringing the legacy of South Africa’s biggest, baddest, wettest daytime dance-fest to a close. That’s right… one last mega blast with the sun out and the guns out.


The lineup is pretty epic and even features the immensely talented Super Flu!

<> Dyro
<> DJ Craze
<> Super Flu
<> Harrison
<> Kinky Movement
<> Tony Cha Cha
<> Juicy M

Pre-registration for Early Bird Tickets is now open!
To register please visit www.h2oparty.com


10 October – 11 October
10 October at 12:00 to 11 October at 03:00

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