Gym Poppies

As most you my loyal Twitter fans will know, this topic was sparked whilst lying on the mat killing myself doing crunches, when low and behold my eyes are blinded by a shocking green reflection! If there’s one thing I hate even more the ‘resolution gymers’ it’s the not so rare, Gym Poppie.

You can spot them from a mile away (please note as you look at the photo I took, that her friend is also wearing quite – uhm – interesting pants).
They have a very well thought out outfit, mostly matching, always designer or something close to that, usually working ‘very hard’ in a step class.
Also spotted sporting this would be the ladies that are classed in the ‘Cougar’ or ‘Trophy Wife’ category.
The worst part is, in my attempt to find photos or examples on the Internet, I came up mostly empty handed, finding only one which is advertising – and proves my point – that you can still fit into those OLD outfits ! Seems these ladies find their special uniforms in a secret place (I have therefore attached accepted attire)

I’m totally fascinated by them.
From my experience, the last thing I’m trying to do when working up a sweat, is get people to notice me. My poor brother always has a near death experience when he does a session with me, because I’ve typically got my baggiest sweat pants and t-shirt on. I can always see him mentally digging a hole in the groud, praying he doesn’t bump into someone he knows. I’m soooo not there to score.

I decided to ask a few people if they had ever pulled the moves on an unsuspecting person while that individual was barely focusing on managing just breathing, or if someone had tried the stunt on them.
It seems mostly girls are the ones getting chatted up, one or two guys having the similar experience, and to NO surprise, the girls that did get the brave approach, were wearing normal gym attire. What’s normal? Well definitely not a matching outfit to start, that looks like you’ve just stepped out of a 80’s Fame production or anything along those lines.
But those of you who understand what I’m referring to, will need no more than that explanation…

Darn it WOMAN, you’re not auditioning for a role in a music video, so don’t dress like it!

I wonder if those girls ever look in the mirror thinking; ‘you look so gorgeous and so ready for a workout. Jane Fonda’s got nothing on you…’

Eye of the Tiger baby, Eye of the Tiger…

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