Guy’s wife cheats on him, they divorce, he buys the property next door & builds a massive middle finger statue to spite her

middle finger statue pointing towards ex-wife

There are definitely some excellent ways to get revenge on a cheating spouse and a Michigan strip club boss by the name of Alan Markovitz has gone the extra mile to stick it to his ex-wife. Alan bought the plot next door to his ex-wife and then spent close to $7,000 erecting a 12 foot tall bronze statue of a middle finger, facing the house owned by ex-wife Lea Tuohy.

The pictures were posted on Twitter by Tuohy’s daughter, Lenka after the strip club boss, who owns a few gentleman’s establishments across the now bankrupt city of Detroit, installed flood lights next to the statue, so that it would be completely visible throughout the day and night.

He’s apparently also going to be starring in a brand new HBO Reality Show called Topless Prophet: The True Story of America’s Most Successful Gentleman’s Club Entrepreneur, which is bound to be a good watch considering just how awesome this little bit of work is.

What a G.

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