Guys Who Are Mates See Each Other Naked For The First Time – It’s awkward

guy friends see each other naked

The peeps over at Buzzfeed had the brilliant idea of getting guys who are mates together, to see each other naked for the first time. As a dude (who isn’t gay), I tend to keep the amount of penis that I see to a minimum, which is the premise of the video below. Even after being mates with another guy for several years, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever see their willy – I can vouch for this as I’ve never had to see Kreg’s bits (Hi Kreg!) and we’ve been friends for literally longer than I can remember. In the clip, the guys are strangely rather positive about each other’s dicks, even offering up some hilarious commentary around the chosen hair (pubic hair?) styles on display from their mates.

It’s super awkward stuff and yet I couldn’t stop watching the video until the end. Guys are the best!

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