Guys Prank Thieves With Flaming Hot Bike Saddle

Guys Prank Thieves With Flaming Hot Bike Saddle

The dudes behind these videos have been pranking would-be bike thieves, using a number of rather ingenious methods of sabotage. In the latest video they set up the bike in park, with cameras firmly focused on it, waiting for some thief to come up out of nowhere, except they booby-trapped it with a blowtorch. Yup, they made sure the seat of the bike had been heated up to around 1000 degrees, so that when a criminal decided to hop on top they’d get their pants set on fire.

Trust me, this video gives you all the vindication you’d need to make it through the next couple of days. Check it out and chuckle:

Damn that’s gotta hurt. The clincher is definitely the fact that to add insult to injury, the pranksters hit you with a fire extinguisher afterwards to make sure you don’t burst into flames.


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