Guy tries to seduce girl with cringe Insta-video, she posts it & it goes viral

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Sometimes you just need to have a good laugh at the internet and the people that make it so great. Last week a girl by the name of Piper Kennedy, was spaded by a random employee of Starbucks in Los Angeles called Brody and after much persistence she parted with her number (somewhat reluctantly).

Here’s where the story gets really interesting though – after just a day, Brody sent Piper a 15-second Instagram video of himself set to Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” where he proceeds to pout and pull some “sexy” faces in a bid to woo the girl he had just met. Piper was obviously quite weirded out by the whole thing and once her friend DJ Ben Roc posted the video to his own Instagram account, it went viral and #StarbucksDrakeHandsGuy was born.

This is great! (If the video below doesn’t work in your browser you can check out it out over HERE )

djbroc’s video on Instagram

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  1. lol the internet … a wonderful place where what has be seen can never be unseen!! bad move dude!!

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