Guy tries to impersonate 33 Simpsons characters in 5 mins- fails hard at some, wins at others

33 Simpsons Characters in 5 Minutes

A fan of The Simpsons by the name of Brock Baker, who just happens to be a voice actor Voice actor has decided to give impersonating 33 characters in 5 minutes a bash. He absolutely nails some of them like Krusty the Clown but then fails miserably at some of the other iconic characters like Homer Simpson, which I find pretty odd (he’d be the one character that I thought a voice artist would really want to impersonate).

What do you think – would you offer the guy a chance to do some of the voices on the long-running show or should Brock stick to his dayjob (which funnily enough is doing voices for cartoons and ads)?

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