Guy Tries To Down World’s Largest Jagerbomb & Nearly Dies

Guy Tries To Down World’s Largest Jagerbomb & Nearly Dies - So now you know what not to do this weekend


It feels like people are getting dumber by the day, when we start seeing Youtube videos of them trying to neck the World’s biggest Jagerbomb in one sitting. It’s odd – I mean, does this guy think: “Hey, if I make a video of me being a dumbass people will dig it and then be my friend?” Anyways the guy in the video below decided to build the biggest Jagerbomb ever seen by mixing three cans of Monster energy drink with an entire bottle of Jagermeister (I’m pretty sure a Jagerbomb needs to be made with Redbull anyways).

He starts to down it, feeling quite confident, having previously downed an entire bottle of Jager through a straw in a previous episode of silly binge drinking but apparently things aren’t that easy when you throw an energy drink into the mix:

What an idiot. Be smart, don’t be like this guy.

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