Guy Tries To Fight Anesthetic At The Dentist & It’s Pretty Hilarious

Guy Tries To Fight Anesthetic At The Dentist & It's Pretty Hilarious

I always thought that fighting the anesthetic when you’re going under for surgery was a bucket load of fun and in this instance, I’ve been proven right once again. The dude in this video is filled with self-belief that the drugs wouldn’t be able to knock him out, live-streaming himself in the dentist’s chair on Facebook Live and does a pretty solid job of resisting before passing out:

I really don’t know whether I should be impressed or alarmed that he’s able to fight sleep-inducing narcotics, but know that I really enjoyed the part at around 3:30 where he seems to be passed out and then wakes up with the classic one liner – “you thought I was gone”. What a champ.

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