Guy tests iPhone5s slowmo camera on his girlfriend’s boobs

iphone 5s slow motion boobs

If you’ve been anywhere near social media in the last couple of weeks you would have heard extensive chatter around the new iPhone 5S and all of the amazing features that it comes equipped with, including fingerprint recognition technology and the video camera’s new slow-motion shoot setting. This brand new camera technology is the one feature that has got everyone more excited about what the phone can actually do than most – so much so that people have been uploading videos to the internet demonstrating exactly how great the technology is.

In order to demonstrate just how awesome the slow-motion camera setting on the new iPhone 5S is, this guy uploaded a video of his girlfriend’s boobs bouncing in slow motion. Naturally, everyone thought this was fantastic, leading to well over 600 000 views in the first 24 hours of being uploaded and several more videos – I mean, what better way exists to demonstrate ANYTHING other than boobs?

Shortly after that, another woman’s boyfriend, also keen on showing off the features of the phone decided that the video demonstration could probably be improved somewhat, by making some “small” tweaks. For some reason, beyond my comprehension, he was right… This next video is way better at showing the tech behind the slow motion iPhone 5S camera than the last (although I just can’t work out why?!).

This being the internet, someone has been kind enough to collate all of the bouncing boobs from the world into one easy to find place (obviously so you can assess what the current standard of slow motion photography is). Check it out over at HERE (slightly NSFW).

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