Guy Shoots Himself Into The Atmosphere In A Rocket To Prove The Earth Is Flat & Fails

Flat Earthers - we could have told you how this was going to end...

The Flat Earth movement is really one of the most idiotic things out there that seems to have been gaining quite a bit of popularity from more members of the public than what we’ve become used to with these movements. The latest in the list of people trying to prove that the earth is indeed flat is Mad Mike Hughes from a dessert over in the US that decided to launch a homemade rocket that would let him fly into the atmosphere to confirm that it was indeed flat.

As you might have expected – it didn’t work and he got up to about 2000 feet in the air, before seeing flames (literally) and crashing back to Earth. His next task is to build a rockoon (rocket that is carried into the upper atmosphere by a balloon and then launched from there) to take him 68 miles above the Earth’s surface, where he’ll definitely be able to prove that the Earth is flat.

Check out the whole thing below:

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