Guy On A Scooter Does A Backflip Off A McD’s Countertop

Guy On A Scooter Does A Backflip Off A McDonald’s Countertop


The dude in this video has literally just invented a brand new move called the McFlip. What is a McFlip, you ask? Well, it pretty much involves you rocking up at your nearest McD’s with a scooter, jumping on the counter and then doing a backflip from there to the ground below – so yeah it’s quite epic stuff. I mean just imagine you were taking it easy, waiting for your nuggets when some dude just rocks up and does a backflip off the counter on a scooter.

Check out the video of the trick below:

Yup, that is really pretty crazy stuff. I just hope they at least gave him a free Big Mac or extra large creme soda, just for being so freaking badass.

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