Guy Nearly Dies After Nobody Catches Him After Stage Diving

This Guy Nearly Died After Nobody Caught Him After Stage Diving At A Concert

We’ve all been there – it’s a concert with your favourite band… and… you get all of the feels and then decide to stage dive. Hopefully the crowd is also feeling your vibe and they decide to actually catch you. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for this poor lad, who decided to swan dive off of a balcony at a recent Dune Rats (punk rock band) show in Adelaide and basically destroyed himself after nobody caught him.

The 4 metre plus dive, really didn’t end well for this chap:

Damn son. Apparently his chest and face got turned instantly black and blue from bruising and his nose started bleeding, but the event security got him to the local hospital and it turned out that he had only minor injuries and was able to discharged himself after an overnight stay.

That’s probably the last time he’s going to be doing that though.

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