Did This Guy Just Commit Suicide On A Music Video Set?

Did This Guy Just Commit Suicide On A Music Video Set?


A YouTube clip, featuring a music video for Malaysian group Red People has been blowing up on the interwebs because it features what seems to be a man jumping/falling to his death in the background of the bit of footage. The lead singer Joyce Chu can be happily singing about missing a first love in the front of the shot, while you can see a dude in the far left taking a plunge (to his death?).

Nobody is sure whether the dude fell or whether this was a suicide that just happened to be caught on camera. Viewers have question whether the whole thing was a stunt just to get more viewers on the video, but by all accounts Joyce Chu has said that this was all a bit of unfortunate and obviously completely unplanned. Even after over 22 million views of the video, I still believe her.

Have a look at the crazy footage below (keep an eye out for about 4 seconds in):


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