Guy Gets KO’d By A Pigeon On Europe’s Fastest Rollercoaster

Guy Gets KO'd By A Pigeon On Europe’s Fastest Rollercoaster

I’m a bit of baby when it comes to rollercoasters and themeparks because I’m super worried that someone out there didn’t tighten a bolt, which would lead to me dying while I try to enjoy myself on The Anaconda. It appears that my fears are well founded and now need to be extended to watching out for pigeons that might hit you in the face while you’re way up at 400ft.

Unfortunately for the dude in this video, that’s exactly what happened when he attempted to enjoy a thrill ride on Europe’s fastest and tallest rollercoaster. The coaster goes from 0-112mph in just five seconds and is clearly fairly dangerous for its riders as well as the wildlife in the surrounding areas. Yup… I’m definitely not about to get a face full of pigeon on the Red Force accelerator at Ferrari Land in Spain like this poor bloke did:

That is honestly one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. His mate did find it super hilarious though…

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