Guy Gets First Ever Mosquito-Borne STD, gives it to wife & doesnt get in trouble


Passing on an STD to your wife will often lead to some marital tension or you losing your penis Bobbit-style, unless you have a really, really good excuse. An awesome excuse was exactly what this particular dude was confronted with when he became the first documented case of an insect-borne disease transmitted through sexual intercourse.

In 2008, U.S. biologist Brian Foy and his partner Kevin Kobylinski were researching malaria by harvesting mosquitoes from the west African village of Bandafassi. Obviously, being the bloody hungry creatures that they are, the mossies were more than willing to oblige by having a nice nibble or two of the researchers while they were busy with their “science”. Five days after their return on August 24th, both men had a rash around their trunk along with extreme fatigue, headaches and painfully swollen joints. Foy was even experiencing painful urination.

On September 3rd, Foy’s wife took ill with similar symptoms. She also was unfortunate enough to have had extreme headaches, hypersensitivity to light and hectic muscle pains. However, their four children remained unaffected. It was later discovered that Foy had contracted a mosquito-based infection called Zika and passed this on to his wife through unprotected sex.

This was the first ever recorded case of an insect borne disease being spread by sexual intercourse. While this may be an awesome explanation for infidelity and that rash you both share should you feel that you need to use it- it is also terrifying to think that previous insect only diseases can now be spread in this way. Eeeek!

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