Guy Gets Caught Doing MDMA Live On SkySports

Guy Gets Caught Doing MDMA Live On SkySports

There aren’t a whole bunch of things out there that are worst than getting caught on live tv doing something that you really shouldn’t be doing (like bunking school, going on a date with a side chick, doing drugs etc).

All I know is that the consequences faced by the guys in the video below certainly aren’t very good, after they were caught doing, what looks to be MDMA live on Sky Sports. The event they were attending hasn’t been confirmed, but the footage clearly shows the one guy putting his hand in his pocket and then shoving his finger in his mate’s mouth to lick what he’s put on it off.

Although there‚Äôs no real way to confirm what it was, it does seem rather like they were doing a dab of MDMA (why else would you lick your mate’s finger and then pull a weird face):

Yup, that’s pretty bad. Really hope it was worth it?

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