Guy Gets Busted & Then Tries To Hide Coke Inside The Police Station

In the ceiling? This isn't Blue Streak & You Are Most Certainly Not Martin Lawrence

I guess when you’re staring a good couple of years in lock down right in the face, you try everything in the book to get out of things scott-free. Pity that often when you’re being detained and try to get rid of any additional evidence, you’re under surveillance, which means you’re going to get busted if you try to hide your crack cocaine in the ceiling.

25 year old Thomas Hartman was arrested on suspiscion of sex trafficking after his girlfriend went to the cops and when he was picked up by police, just so happened to have a whole bunch of crack cocaine on him as well. In a bid to hide the drugs, he proceeded to climb onto the table and attempt to store them in the ceiling a la Martin Lawrence in Blue Streak. Sadly, he didn’t know he was on camera the WHOLE time:

Ja, sorry dude this is not Hollywood and you’re going to be going to jail for a very long time!

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