Guy films himself exploding out of a water balloon with a 4K camera

water balloon slow mo

A British Youtube account called – The Slow Mo Guys is renowned for filming every day situations at 1000fps – making them at least 1000 times more awesome. In their latest offering Gav and Dan decided to film the moment a water balloon with someone inside of it exploded, using a Phantom Flex 4k camera at 1000 frames per second.

The Slow Mo Guys make the video even better due to the fact that getting into a water balloon that is being filled up with water is akin to putting a penis into a condom, which is pretty funny – I think the guy inside the balloon even mentions the fact that he feels like a bit of knob (but maybe that’s for another reason linked to the silly faces he pulls during the film).

The resulting clip really is as awesome as you think it would be. Watch and enjoy the silliness!

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